Nature-based Preschool

Fostering Healthy
Child Development

Children use their whole bodies to explore, experiment,
and solve problems. At SMCC, we use nature,
in conjunction with multi-sensory active learning, to
support whole-child development.

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→ What is the philosophy of the center?

  • We believe that play is the primary vehicle for learning and that a balance between teacher directed developmentally appropriate activities and child initiated exploration provides the optimal preschool experience for young children.
  • → How old do you enroll children?
  • We take children from 2.9 years of age to 5 years of age in the preschool.
  • → Does my child need to be potty trained?
  • You child does not need to be potty trained to enroll in the Ladybug Room (2.9 years of age to 4 years of age) However, your child will need to be potty trained to enroll in the Sugar Bear Room (4 years of age to 5 years – Pre-K )
  • → Do you provide lunch?
  • We provide a morning and afternoon snack and parents provide lunch. Meals may be warmed in the Ladybug Room however Sugar Bear Room teachers request that families bring lunches that do not require warming. A small thermos will keep foods warm for the two hours until lunchtime. This will allow the teachers to be with the children while they are eating, rather than the microwave.
  • → What is your center capacity?
  • Our licensed capacity is 49 children.
  • → What is your child to teacher ratio?
  • Each classroom is licensed for 24 children. Each classroom has three teachers and one full time assistant. The ratio is 1 adult to 6 children.
  • → Are you a Religious Preschool?
  • We are not affiliated with any religious doctrine. We accept without regard to race creed, or religion.
  • → What are your teacher’s qualifications?
  • Each of our teachers meet the licensing requirements established by Community Licensing and Department of Education,. Each staff member passed a background check, a TB test, and possess current certification in Child CPR/First Aid.
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