Nature-based Preschool

Fostering Healthy
Child Development

Children use their whole bodies to explore, experiment,
and solve problems. At SMCC, we use nature,
in conjunction with multi-sensory active learning, to
support whole-child development.

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Parent Participators

At Santa Margarita Children’s Center parents, teachers and the preschool director all work cooperatively to enhance each child’s learning experience. We believe that when the parents become more involved in their child’s preschool education, both parent and child(ren) have the opportunity to learn and grow together. While children are learning new skills, parents learn exactly how his or her child understands their world through socialization, choice making, and play. With this knowledge, a parent can better support his or her child in meeting his /her intellectual and emotional needs. Through parents’ experiences here, SMCC fosters a sense of community where everyone has a vested interest in the Center as well as the children. There are many ways that parents become involved in their child’s time and development here at SMCC from providing a special snack treat, donating supplies, toys, and books, driving on a fieldtrip, naptime supervision, helping at events and functions, etc.

SMCC also currently offers families an optional Parent Participator Component for those who may want to get involved in a more committed way. A limited number of openings are available to families who are interested in this component. A Parent Participator works in the classroom alongside teachers. The commitment is 4 hours a week on a scheduled day.

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