Golden Stars
The Golden Stars are the students in the Afterschool Program of SMCC. The program focuses on creating a fun, interactive, creative environment where kids can learn and play together after school. The small community helps to build children’s self-esteem, communication and problem solving skills, learn to foster positive, healthy relationships, and strong academic skills. I offer individualized tutoring, to help each child gain confidence, skills, knowledge and experience in working through learning challenges, and reaching new grounds. The curriculum allows ample time for free, imaginative play, and structured group time, such as music, art, gardening, and hiking in the local environment. I strive to reach out to the many aspects of human intelligence and the precious time of being a child and playing freely, and at the same time, help develop the skills to be a successful student.
The Golden Stars are a fantastic group of mixed aged kids that flourish in our small group setting, and warm and expansive environment where they learn to interact as a community, and are fully engaged in play, discovery and commitment to long term challenges, and growing each day from each other, the environment, and themselves.