Nature Exploration

Inside each classroom is a science area where children can observe, explore and gain knowledge about a variety of living things.  The Pre-K Classroom has a beautifully maintained  animal life area that is the home of two corn snakes, two leopard geckos, two adult fire-belly toads and one offspring, one bearded dragon, one Russian tortoise, three goldfish, and one red-eared turtle.  The younger preschool classroom has a huge aquarium with a variety of fish, two leopard geckos, and two Mandarin newts.  Children learn and understand what animals need to live and grow.  Through these observations children develop a deep respect for the life of other living things.  Each year as spring approaches, the children are given hand-on opportunities to hatch chicken eggs and silk worm eggs.   They watch the remarkable birth of a chick and the birth of a silk moth (a very tiny almost insignificant creature).  They then observe the amazing growth of these two different animals after birth.  When children have opportunity to have close interactions with these animals, they begin to develop a deep respect for them.