We believe that children are the most important component of the program.  They must be heard, respected, consulted and cared for. Here, at Santa Margarita Children’s Center, a team of nurturing and caring professionals provides the guidance children need to discover their unique abilities and talents.  Collaborating with parents, our teachers commit to providing the best approach to your child’s preschool experience.

At Santa Margarita Children’s Center we understand that PLAY is a critical part of childhood.  It weaves together all the elements of life as a child experiences it and provides them opportunities to digest and understand the world as they see it.  Childhood should be a time for children to move, play and explore.  Our programs are balanced with opportunities for structured and unstructured times, teacher-directed and child-directed activities throughout each day. 

Our environment is safe, nurturing, and beautiful.  We maintain a low staff-to-child ratio in all of our programs, which allows us to provide close, personal attention to each child.

Each week a variety of enrichment classes in art, gymnastics, music, and Spanish are offered. We know that rich, meaningful experiences support the development of vocabulary and language and cognitive growth. Our program integrates these enrichment experiences into the core of our curriculum.  The National Association for the Education of Young Children’s quality standards provides the base of our developmentally appropriate curriculum. 

Our teachers ensure that Santa Margarita Children’s Center is a place where cultural diversity is honored and where a child can develop a positive self-concept and respect for others. Building a strong, positive self-concept will help them cope with the many social and practical choices they will face throughout their life.  We accept children without regard to race, color, creed, or sex.