Nature-based Preschool

Fostering Healthy
Child Development

Children use their whole bodies to explore, experiment,
and solve problems. At SMCC, we use nature,
in conjunction with multi-sensory active learning, to
support whole-child development.

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Santa Margarita is a place where each child can be comfortable, happy, and successful. This is a place where he/she can be helped to develop a positive self-concept, respect for others, intellectual curiosity and independence.

The Center functions as a cooperative unit in spite of the many ways that our toddler, preschool and aftercare programs operate separately. The importance of unity is especially clear when we think of providing smooth internal transitions for the children moving up from one program to the next.

Our goal is to provide a loving, safe and consistent environment. We wish to help children develop an awareness of their physical, intellectual and emotional selves. We want them to discover their abilities and talents, help them to know and understand their physical needs, recognize their feelings, develop their ability to reason, and finally to realize what unique individuals they are. Building this self-concept gives children the assurance and confidence which will help them to better deal with the social and practical choices they will be making in their future lives. We balance our curriculum with teacher initiated group activities and child initiated, individual self-discovery activities. We accept children without regard to race, color, creed, or sex.

We ask parents to read the operating procedures in their handbook, as well as flyers, newsletters, and other communication that we may send you. We invite you to feel free to be a part of the Center-offering suggestions, comments, financial and moral support, and whenever possible the invaluable gift of your time.

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